Dear visitor,

I would like to Welcome you to my official website.

I am pleased that we are able to communicate through this medium to exchange views and ideas on issues and activities related to things I believe in which are human rights, democracy, good governance and development of Iraq. In many ways, my life and my short diplomatic and political career have been defined by my passion to Iraq and committed to promote democracy and human rights in a country that has suffered from wars, sanctions and terrorism for many decades .

I genuinely believe, that politics must be about public service, therefore, I hope that I can utilize this medium for direct interaction with those who share my vision for the future of Iraq, especially the younger generation.

Finally, I want to hear of your concerns, views and suggestions, in the hope that this can help me do a better job as Iraq’s Ambassador to Belarus.

Welcome to my website once again.


Haidar Mansour Hadi
Ambassador of Iraq to Belarus